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Festival Internacional de Jardins – 2010 & 2015

About: “The Garden of Global Warning”

Show Theme: Chaos in the Garden. The inspiration for this garden was the word Chaos, which inspired us to create a very personal representation of all that is chaotic in today’s problematic world which we call home. Rather than being a tranquil retreat away from the madness of everyday existence our garden is designed to highlight some of the chaotic elements of our problematical world. Central to the design is a large metal globe which represents Earth. The Earth is observed balancing precariously on a mound of rocks. Radiating out from the Earth are a series of arrows. These arrows are coloured red and are meant to represent the lifeblood of planet earth slowly draining away. All of these arrows point at a small stone globes which are balancing on a low crumbling wall. Each of these globes in turn represents a different problem that challenges modern day society and causes endless chaos in the world. These problems include Ecological Crimes, Deforestation, Globalisation, Mono Culture, Global Warming, War, Famine and Migration.

In the South West corner of the garden are two large seats sculpted out of two large dices. While this seating area is intended as a place to observe, rest and contemplate the garden, it is also clearly suggestive of how we are treating our planet. Fundamentally we are gambling with our children’s future by squandering our non-renewable resources, when instead we should be focusing on developing solutions to our many global problems. The Blue circle represents the oceans of the world. The green circular lawn area the land while the crumbling boundary wall is representative of mans vain attempts to control nature. It also marks the boundary between the cultivated land and the remaining wilderness areas. We hope this garden design is provocative and thought provoking, the imagery clear, to the point and appealing to people of all ages and backgrounds.”

About: “The Water Cycle Garden”

Show Theme: Water in the Garden. Water covers 71% of the Earth’s surface. It is vital for all known forms of life. Without it all plant and animal growth would be impossible. It is what makes our planet the blue shinning jewel in the heavens and the harbourer of richly diverse plant and animal species. From rain to stream to river to ocean and back to rain it is a constant cycle which controls, shapes, creates and maintains life on this fragile planet. The gravitational action of our nearest neighbour the moon acts to give us the tides, which without we would certainly not have seen life as we know it today. The sun in turn vaporizes water from our oceans, thereby creating the precipitation which feeds and nourishes the ‘Garden’ our planet. The Earth form represents growing plants .As rain falls the sun shines through and creates rainbows that remind us of the beauty of our natural world. All this is represented in The Endless Cycle Garden by the four main features, Moon Sculpture, Sun Feature, Earth Form and Raindrop Chains.

Design Conception: Keith Double B.A. Hons – Landscape Architecture, Paul Cox – Garden Design Professional / Amenity Horticulture.
Technical Design: Paul Cox, Keith Double

Production: Município de Ponte de Lima
Sponsors: Município de Ponte de Lima

Contact Details: Mobile: 086 3953556 Email:
Address: Shankill, Co Dublin.

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