Garden Design FAQ’s

Why do I need to employ a garden designer?

Employing a Garden Designer is the most cost effective way
of helping you realise your gardens full potential by helping you choose the right plants, materials and solutions, thereby avoiding making costly mistakes.

How much will it cost?

The cost for an average small garden design is usually around €500 with larger gardens costing between €500 and €1000 however it ultimately depends on the size of the garden and how complex the design is. The design fee is usually agreed at the initial consultation stage. The initial consultation is always free.

How long will it take?

Typically the estimated time frame from commissioning a design to receiving the design would be between two and three weeks.

Why should I choose Annapurna Garden Design?

We are qualified garden designers who have the range of skills necessary to design and build gardens to the highest professional standard. We take pride in our work and value our reputation. All our work shares a common theme of quality, craftsmanship, attention to detail and value for money.

If I only want some advice can someone visit my garden?

Yes we can provide a garden consultation service for which we charge a fee of €75 for up to 2 hours.

As well as designing gardens do you build them?

Yes we do build gardens but if it is a large project we would recommend getting tenders from a number of qualified landscape contractors and then proceeding with the most favourable tender.
In this case we would monitor the construction of the hard landscaping elements of the garden and carry out all the planting work ourselves. In all cases we would source and hand pick the plants ourselves.

Can I get pruning and planting advice?

Yes we do offer a professional pruning service which will be carried out by our qualified Horticultural staff. We also offer a planting advice service which covers all aspects of garden planting, planting schemes, sourcing plants and maintenance.

How much will I be involved in the Design process?

Basically as much or as little as you want however we would prefer you to be involved at the different stages of the design process, initial consultation, questionnaire, concept presentation, refinement, finished plans, garden construction, planting, snagging and signing off.

Will I be able to maintain the garden when it’s finished?

Generally when designing the garden we would bear in mind your wishes as regarding how much time you want to spend maintaining the garden. You should be able to maintain the finished garden without too much effort. With every garden design package we will supply a detailed maintenance schedule. However if you prefer not to be involved in the maintenance of your garden we can arrange for regular maintenance to be carried out when required.

What areas do you cover?

We cover all areas of Ireland but depending on how far the job is from our office we might have to charge for travelling time.


If you have any other questions which havent been answered here please feel free to contact us at info@annapurna.ie

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